West Virginia Rx: Prescriptions for West Virginians

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Why Is WVRx Needed?Why Is WVRx Needed?

  • Most uninsured and under-insured patients represent about 30-40% of charity care for hospitals. The cost of charity care in WV hospitals is significantly high. This program saves millions in charity care costs for WV hospitals and helps the doctors who care so generously for these patients.
  • In West Virginia, approximately a half million West Virginians or nearly 30% of the state’s residents lack prescription drug coverage or access to brand name medication therapies because they are so costly.
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What Are We Doing?What Are We Doing?

  • Simplifying and streamlining the dispensing of brand name medicines donated by manufacturers and acting as a "point-of-entry" so that medications available directly from drug manufacturer patient assistance programs can be obtained by patients confused by an already complicated system or who lack the knowledge that these avenues of access actually exist.
  • Providing a user friendly service for patients, doctors and clinics.
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How Are We Doing This?How Are We Doing This?

  • We are developing and maintaining a network of patient advocates, doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals throughout the state and working as a trusted partner as Patient Navigators.
  • Armed with the knowledge that the patient is eligible and what medicines can be accessed, WVRx registers the patient for medications and programs he or she is eligible for, and works directly with patients to help health care entities lighten the load of this work.
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